Here on the homestead we are not immune to messes. In fact they seem to be larger than normal. So today is about tidying up.

However. This adventure like so many others begins at breakfast.

Pancakes and sausage with coffee should do the trick.

I’m convinced I should have been a dentist. Because pulling teeth is easier than getting kids to do chores when the sun is out.

I started out hosing off the deck. It just simply was due.

There is something very fulfilling about doing laundry and hanging it on the line.

It’s almost like making your own bread. It feels like a connection to the past almost. Like you are doing something the world has forgotten about.

Next of course comes the great tool round up. I swear the gnomes come at night and scatter my tools.

And of course returning pots and trays to the greenhouse.

My desk is next. With so many projects ongoing it is really easy to get disorganized fast. Right now it’s a mess of tools, old parts, books, and other assorted works of art generated by the kiddos.

It’s a start. The desk is no longer big enough for what I do in a day. I think it is time to start looking for something bigger. For the time being though at least it’s clean.

Until next time…


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