So I bought a blender from Craigslist. Used it one time here and it died. This is a story told countless times. The moral is always be sure of what you are buying. 

Since I now own a non working blender, let’s see about bringing it back to life. Shall we?

I start here with what look like some fairly innocuous screws. It turns out they are twelve feet long, and fine thread. Either that or I need to go back to screwdriver school. 

I am convinced that no man on earth owns a philips screw driver long enough to get in there. Or they all do but just can’t find them. In the melee of combat with this appliance I have gotten the front off. 

Also through Protracted aggression I have gotten two screws out of the bottom. One is completely not cooperating, and the other is this madness. 

The picture doesn’t accurately describe the frustration, but rest assured somewhere in the world the guy that built this thing is getting a good chuckle knowing he is the only one that can disassemble it. 

In the end victory is mine. 

What I am looking for is an online fuse that may have blown. What it looks like… I have no idea. I believe however I have found it

It lies between the incoming power and the switch. 

After testing it the fuse is in fact gone. The question now becomes can it be fixed? Or is it more than the ten dollars I paid?

The bottom line here is the time I already have invested in research, and disassembly are worth more than the ten I laid down to buy this heap. I’m ruling it toast and moving on with my day. 

Until next time…


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