What you are about to witness is either a really cool compost chopper or my horrible destruction. 

I got an old mower. This thing is rustier than grandads ford. But I don’t care about the deck. It is the motor I’m after. First we run it out of gas. Shame I just mowed the lawn. 

It crossed my mind as I went to get my water bottle “it’s still running, what’s the worst that could happen?” 

I also got an empty steel 55gallon drum..

I think we all know where we’re going with this one. It’s ok though I saw it on the internet so I’m a pro now. 

What vexes me is this. The barrel measures 22″. The lawnmower deck says 22″. I’m thinking it’s going to be close. 

The first step in this process is to take the mower into the lair (actually a barn) to see if the blade will work with the circumference of the barrel. Since large gaping flesh wounds are less than optimal, this is a rather important step.  

The first stop is always ALWAYS disconnect the spark plug. Next we prop it up and remove the blade and mounting bolts. 

When removing the mounting bolts be sure to have a hand on the top of the engine so it does not dump. 

Next I wanted to visually see that the blade would fit. It does but the tolerances are tight. Here’s where we are at now. The mower is now just an engine and blade, and the barrel is marked for the first cuts. 

Unfortunately I have to leave this post here. There are other tasks a calling. Be sure to follow along as we build this out. 

Until next time…


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