Hello to my amazing readers!

As we all know comfrey is an amazing plant. It has medicinal value, draws pollinators, mines up minerals from the sub soil, and provides those back to us in the form of free fertilizer. I have even learned it can be liquified on a blender and is almost instantly bio available.

A plant this handy should be found in abundance. Really there is no excuse for it not to be.

This is the first time I have ever split comfrey, or any root propagated plant for that matter. I know it’s hard to believe.

The internet says it’s easy so let’s give it a whack. I’ve got the plant all picked out. I picked this one because it’s kind of being a nuisance near the gate. Also because it is one of my older plants, it should be more established.

With comfrey I wear gloves, it has a tendency to make you itch.

The next step is to cut down the plant and leave about two inches remaining

Which has revealed that this plant has spread on its own. There are three comfrey plants there. The cuttings can be used for compost, mulch, or poultices. This cutting is simply going in the compost.

The next step is simply dig up the plant. As a testament to how easy this plant grows. This one was growing on TOP of a buried stone, IN CRUSHED SHALE!

There are still roots left so I have no worries about it not coming back. I look forward to comfrey here forever.

The next step takes us to the greenhouse where these will be starting their new life. The roots get washed and split into smaller plants. I’m guessing I have about twenty now.

When all is sorted out I now have twenty four new comfrey plants. A couple I am trying from just root stock to see what happens.

As they start to take off some will be sold but most will be heading back here on the property for free fertilizer.

I guess now we simply wait.

Until next time…


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