Greetings and salutations my amazing readers!

When last we left this project the mower was only an engine and blade. The barrel, just that; a barrel.

This time around we will be converting that barrel into a chassis for the chopper. The first step is to mark for cutting. I cannot however find my compass so the game becomes a scavenger hunt for something of the same diameter. (We are highly technical here)

Eureka I have found a correct sized circle.

Old coffee cans come in handy for the darndest things. The next step is to get this hole cut, and one for the feed chute. To do this I am going to drill through and use a saber saw to form the circle. It will be the same operation for the feed chute hole.

Eye protection goes without saying. For this one though get yourself some hearing protection too. What a racket!

Here is the finished product so far. It took a bit of extra trimming to get the motor to fit right, bit in the end it fit. The next steps are to mount up the motor and blade. Then craft the feed chute.

Until next time…


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