Recently there was a schedule change over in corporate serf land.  It was good for the company, but they really didn’t give much thought to the peons. It switched around the schedule allowing for Saturday and Sunday off. Sundays off are something I have not had in a long time.

It is a wonderful day to have free for clean up from the previous week, and to lay the foundation for the next week. Come along for the journey.

Our first stop of the day is back at the weed filled root crop bed I left off with last night.

These beds are seeming a little patchy. Some is from weeding accidents. I also have no doubt that I have occasional bubblers come through.

Next up is the raspberries. They really don’t care what the weeds do, but it helps to not have weeds go to seed. I’ve discovered that I have some type of small varmint burrowing around in there. Needless to say they are homeless now.

And as is usually the case, one project leads to another. Then, “oh look shiny” and we’re off in another direction. We got a new rain water filling station out of the deal though.

The bottom is before. It was really unlevel and a bit unsafe to be carrying five gallon buckets on. The top is the revised path. A bit more safe and nicer to look at.

From there we chop the grass. A relatively useless task. If we didn’t use it in the compost it would be a complete waste of time.

With the lawn done it’s time to flip the compost, and mix in the new nitrogen.

The inside of that compost pile is looking great!

The pile is now large again. It’s a good feeling makin your own soil. No doubt about that.

Next we are off to dig a small trench for a retaining wall. You can read all about that soon enough.

Until next time…


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