The blessing of organization software is double edged. My newfound ability to line up ducks into rows is offset by the lack of time, and the realization of how big the ducks actually are. For the last week or so I’ve watched as project after project has been pushed back for lack of funds and time. Today I’m going to shove the ball forward a bit. 

The first order of the day is beating back the cabbage worms. It never fails, they wreak havoc every time broccoli gets put in the ground. 

This post was actually supposed to be Saturday chores, but low and behold it has morphed into Sunday chores. In helping my mom clean out her shed for an upcoming move I ended up opening countless more projects. Some I hevent even realized yet. The first of these is to clean out the truck. 

Because the homestead functions a bit like that game where you have eight blocks and nine spaces and to have to make a picture, the tractor must come out first. Efficiency should be a project that’s higher on the board for sure. 

After an errand I find myself here again. Screening soil to make the new pea beds. The new beds will not shade half the garden anymore. 

I’m slowly realizing how badly this process needs mechanization. This is chewing up a really big part of the day. 

Well I’ve gotten one dug flat. That’s a good start. It will have to do until another day for now. More plans are pulling. 

Until next time…


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