Raised beds, and new beds

Hello my awesome readers!

Today is all about beds. Changing them and making more. The raised beds that we began this whole thing with have been flattened down. They will now be in ground beds. 

One benefit of this is we now have a healthy soil supply again. 

The othe project that is getting moved along is a new bed for the peas. 

With the peas here they will no longer shade other things out, and will get plenty of sun. The first step is to cut the grass real real short. The next step is to dig them in. This time around I’ve borrowed a rototiller. 

With time being so short and the daytime heat has been a lot. I’m going to take the fast route on these. They will not be actively used until next year so they will sit in a cover crop over winter. 

And I know I’ve said in the past that rototilling is not the way to go. But for this application it fits. Also there are some new prepation methods I want to try out. 

I’m also going to fill up the area in front of the berm to get ready for berries that will inhabit that area next year. 

But alas I have run out of time once more. 

Until next time…

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