I’ve decided it’s time to plant the plants that didn’t sell. There are probably a dozen basil and dill plants left. Not too bad, but there is a lesson. This year I planted what I thought would sell. For the most part it worked out, but I can’t really abide having leftovers. 

Thankfully I’ve got the two new beds that reall aren’t going to be used until next season to house the overflow. 

Here’s the after. This time around I turned the kids loose. I told them to plant whatever wherever. Let me tell you, they had a blast. 

We ended up adding about 50 more plants. I’m very happy with the result. 

At the moment the plan for next year is to find people to grow for, and grow to order. Lots of things to work out so far. I also plan to transfer the greenhouse away from the common stuff that anyone can get at a box store, and into some less common perennials.  

Until next time…


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