The time has come to start building a coop. With the arrival of the wood pellets I now have four pallets that are in really good shape. 

Also because of a local business and their awesome policy with scrap lumber, I have a great supply of plywood, and 2 by lumber. 

all that remains is to apply elbow grease, and get it put together. 

My original thought was for a 4×8 coop, but the advice from a particularly awesome reader made me realize it can be a bit smaller since the chickens will really only be in at night. Instead we are going to go with a 4×6 coop. 

The rough base is complete, and it’s time to take apart pallets. 

I had to do a bit of notching to make that happen. 

Now it’s time for some wheels. Since the kids have long since outgrown strollers we can safely re purpose this one. 

The two wheels must come off. If I can get the axle, well that’s a bonus. 

The legs are now cut, and marked for the wheels. The wheels came off with the axle! I win. 

I had a pretty easy time putting the legs and wheels on. I will be going through later and using carriage bolts to make them more sturdy. Wouldn’t want the ladies getting dumped now would we?

The floor was just meant to be. Perfect width no trimming. And only mild trimming on the length. The kicker though… both sheets had a perfect tongue and groove! They went together so sweet. 

After that it was on to walls. It took a minute to remember how to do them. It is a skill I rarely use. 

I have started framing in the long walls where all of the windows and clean out doors will be. I’ll have pictures of that in the next post. Currently it is the part of the day where respectable people who wish to stay in good favor with their neighbors stop pounding nails. I guess I’ll be off to teach myself how to do rafters. I will have a video of this project when it is all complete. 

Until next time…


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