Dawn again here on the homestead, and already my head hurts. The math for rafters on an architectural plan are straightforward. When the architect is a low budget homesteader using old pallets… it gets a bit harder. 
The first order of the day is to get the walls finished, and all the openings planned out. When I began this project I drew a pretty picture of what the coop would look like. Then someone (me) threw a pallet into the finely oiled machinery of “the plan” and well… that’s a smoking heap now. So we are once again left with flying by the seat of our pants

After a long fought battle with many inventive new cuss words the doors are framed in. 

There is one on each side. This will allow the chickens to exit in multiple ways. It will also take some of the strain out when moving the coop to new working areas. 

Now it’s on to the laying boxes. I was able to map them from a single piece of the plywood I have. (Another rusty skill) 

They are cut out, and I am thoroughly covered in sawdust. 

To build them I have attached strapping to the bottom plate board. 

The sides and back will both nail into these slats. 

When that was done the walls went up, followed by vertical supports. 

That’s all there is for today. Once again I am cut short on time. 

Until next time…


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