Ohhhh that rafter math!  It works out on paper, but when you apply it to your salvage pallet wood chicken coop it’s off by a mile. 

Still looks like a roof though, so I am calling it a win. 

Due to slight differences in measurements I am having to build the rafters one at a time and trimming them to fit. 

Here is a glimpse into the insanity. 

Math before coffee=not so good. I have one rafter to go and I’m thoroughly out of right sized 2×4’s. What’s a fella to do? Well splice one from scrap of course. 

I am surprised at how well that came out. With that one piece the roof is framed. 

And with that, I believe it is a good stopping point for the day. Next time, we hang up some plywood! Woot woot!

Until next time…


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