This is turning into one of the larger contiguous projects I’ve done so far. I like how it is turning out though. Today’s goal is to finish closing up the walls and get in the hardware for vents and clean out doors. Hopefully we can slide right into actual roofing. How’s the song go? “We’ve got high hopes” anyway here we go. 

First up is getting the nesting boxes on. 

We need to carve some entry holes in the wall and then attach them. 

Once the hole is cut and the supports are measured the whole thing is screwed together. 

And just like that. The nesting wall is on. It is officially a chicken house. 

Ladies and gentlemen we’re talking milestones here. All the walls are now closed in and 90% of the hardware is installed. 

The top two triangle panels swing down for ventilation. 

Those will both be screened in as well as the eves. 

The next stop here are the cross slats for the roof. 

These will allow for a better connection point for the roof, and create a bit of an overhang which is needed. 

At last the strapping is done. The ridge gave a bit of a fight but we got it. 

That should provide a smooth landing to the ridge cap. 

After buying the roofing and hardware. The total project cost is $100 (rounded) this is mostly because I wanted the clear poly roofing for extra light in the winter. 

Next time around its roofing and cleanup. 

Until next time…


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