Today is a bit of cleanup mixed with roofing. The first item is applying screening in the right places so no critters get chicken dinners.  We will start with the eves. I have decided on 1\2 inch hardware cloth, it seems to be a much better choice than chicken wire. 

It is fence stapled along the top and bottom. I may have gone a bit heavy on the staples, but it’s worth it to know nothing is pushing that net aside. 

Now on to the triangles. Let it never be said minecraft is a toy. It can be a valuable tool if used right. 

Behold the cut pattern for the triangles. Had this not been done visually I would have run out of bad words and still cut it wrong. Now back to the real world. 

The solution worked. The hornets look great. Windows are next and last. 

These will both be screened. I envision sliding panes that will increase ventilation even further. 

With that last window the hard part is done. 

In hindsight I should have put the roof cross slats on after the screen, but it’s done now. Wheew. 

That means it’s time to roof this puppy!

The roofing is now cut. It was pretty easy with just a pair of tin snips. I am going to be able to do the whole roof with two sheets. 

I made some bottom closures out of a bit of strapping. They’re not perfect but they were in the budget. 

All the sheeting went on nicely. I was concerned I would need to drill all the holes. But I unknowingly grabbed the self tappers. This made my day. 

The ridge cap is a bit doctored but the part I needed was not in stock. I don’t think he chickens will complain. 

The next stop today is a roof and divider for the laying boxes. 

The roof is now on the laying boxes. I even found some hinges laying around. 

The next stops are to get the entry doors mounted, build ramps, roof the laying boxes, and pretty it up. 

That’s all I have time for today though. 

Until next time…


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