Good morning my awesome readers! we are extremely excited here. but why? you ask… we have a new video! This time it’s not just a video. We have with us now a great local artist, who kindly agreed to provide our intro music.

Vermont’s own Kelly Burke is now featured at the introduction to all of our videos. You can find his work here.


Why is this huge? This is huge because in the beginning we were using stock music provided by the video site. This allowed the video site to force in whatever they happened to be trying to sell you into our video whenever they wanted, whether we agreed with it or not. This didn’t sit well with us. Also because we were heavily relying on the video sites editor to create the content, it really didn’t lend it’s self to multi platform usage, or eventually hosting all our own videos.

With Mr. Burke on board we are now creating the videos in house right here in the green mountains, spreading the word for a really great local artist, and getting our message out across multiple platforms to as many potential small acre homesteaders as we can.

With this wonderful news I give you our first chicken related video!  If YouTube is not your thing you can also find us on Here.







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