Recently I won this amazing shelving unit in a raffle. 

The trouble is it weighs a ton! With the aid of an old broken shovel handle it is at least in the house. Now the challenge becomes fitting it into the pantry. 

Well the nice way is out, and I owe my oldest a hot fudge sundae. Never wager with an eight year old. 

The next course of action is to disassemble the entire unit and rebuild it in place. I won’t lie. I’ve never hated a shelf more. When it is in though, it will be amazing. 

The next issue stems from the common fact that there are no level surfaces in an old farm house. None. To overcome this I have had to shim one side of the shelves. 

Now it is on to deciding where all the shelves should go back. 

So many different sized things. This could take a minute. Add to that the fact that the shelves are deep, and there is potential to waste space. This is not something I’m interested in doing. 

There it is. Complete with “dads shelf” it’s the one that nobody in the family but me can reach! 

Time to put the stuff back. 

Until next time…


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