Good morning my awesome readers! Today the tribe is fair bound. We are heading for, probably the greatest worlds fair. The Tunbridge worlds fair. It will be a nice break from the day to day grind, and a chance to see what some of the best growers and livestock raisers have. By far my favorite part of this particular fair is their tribute to days gone by. They offer a substantial display of antiquities that were used in farming and day to day life long ago. 

The deive down is amazing with incredible views. 

Passing through the small towns along the way is really nice as well. Vermont is one of the last places around where you can really enjoy the small town. The fair has grown since the last time I went. We ended parking about a half mile away

We used to come in on the animal exhibition side, this year our first stop was the antiques. 


One of my favorite things about this fair is that they have folks at the fair demonstrating the techniques. It’s priceless to see the kids eyes light up. 

Our journey then took us to the agriculture hall, to see the best of the best in the garden including this 710lb monster pumpkin. 

Then it was off to the barns. The kids demanded to see all of the animals, I was happy to oblige 

Then it was shenanigans on the midway and rides galore. At least it felt like galore, pretty sure my eight year old was down to ride some more. 

These were our views from the feris wheel. I can’t believe how fast we are turning orange this year. 

Of course I got my mandatory spicy sausage and fried dough. We also tried fried Oreos. I’ve gotta tell ya I’m not the biggest fan. 

I suppose I’m ready to accept fall now, and for the time being it’s back to work on the homestead. 

Until next time…


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