The end of summer and new beginnings

It is that time of year again and we are heading for Fall. But fall is not just an end, it can be a time for beginnings. 

Not very long ago I joined a gym. As I get older I know that I’m not as fit as I used to be. So I decided it was time change that. So along this journey, I allowed the aspect of fitness to mingle in with my day to Day activities. In the course of this I discovered a podcast that was hosting a fitness type of self-help kind of guy. I thought to myself what do I have to lose? I’m interested in the stuff and I’m moving forward with it so why not have a listen.

So I had a listen, and my first thought to myself was “Here is a typical musclehead who can help me with my bench press”, I was wrong however. I’m glad I was wrong, I’m glad I took a minute to go and visit his YouTube page and see what he was actually all about.

As it turns out he’s not Just a fitness guy, he’s also very philosophical, lots of deep thoughts. So I spent some time going around his channel and looking at what he had to offer and it’s led me to this new place.

Am I going to give up homesteading? Not on your life. What it has done is opened up some new avenues of thought relating to posts that I’ve previously put up about escaping the system, and getting away from the rat race.

He has an interesting concept of what he calls the non-job, It revolves around the same thing I’m doing here only it’s done more vigorously. Instead of a passive write when I want to, video when I want to kind of a set up, it’s done in a deep dive sort of way.
I figured I would share the links to his channels so that you could go have a look for yourself. I feel like there is something for everyone there, and a little bit that everybody can take away.

Until next time…

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