Searching for the income streams

In my last post I wrote about a speaker that really fired me up. Today on the agenda I am looking for ways to make money right here on the homestead. I don’t really have any delusions that I will be able to replace a full-time job right away, but I want to begin to chip away at it. It will also be a valuable exercise in the potential for what I can do.

There are some things that are already in the works, or already in place. For instance the chicken house which is nearly complete will only be waiting on a batch of chickens to grow. Once that is complete I will be able to sell fresh eggs. The garden is another source however we are coming into the off-season so that will have to wait until next year. The greenhouse is another good source i’m looking to convert that into a nursery and I hope to keep it going Year round.

The trouble with this process begins when the fall and winter comes. The number of opportunities to create income from the homestead shrinks up substantially. To get past this I am looking at some craft item projects. One of these is making paper, there is no shortage of junk mail to convert into some form of artisan paper. Another way I’m looking to do this is with pallet signs, there are plenty of pallets around and I have the tools to manipulate the wood. 

The other stumbling block is the paperwork/taxation/business license side of things. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in these areas and really can’t afford a dedicated accountant and lawyer. So I believe I will need to add a few more hats, I’d like to hear from you guys my readers. What do you guys have set for selling things from your homestead? Is it necessary to register your homestead as a business?

lots of thoughts here today, I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Until next time…

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