Today I’m taking a few small steps Toward some larger changes also moving towards the goal I’ve been writing about. I have begun a feeble attempt at pretending that I can write in the form of an e-book.

I know what you’re saying, if this guy could write what would he Write about? Well the answer is simple. I will put together a small book that tells the story of this blog and our homestead. My goal is to give inspiration to people that are in the same place that I am. I would like to have the most relevant information in one place so that those who are searching can get to it faster. I don’t know when it will be done since I have only just written the first few paragraphs. I am sure however if you guys stay put and read long enough you will see this thing finalized.

The other day yesterday I was in the garden and I was amazed at how many bees were still there. All of the cosmos grew to be about 4 feet tall covered in purple flowers. Almost every flower  Had a a bee on it. Somebodies hives are going to be very nice in spring, and perhaps the swarm fairy will bless me in the spring.

Another interesting development here on the Homestead, I have upgraded my computer at last. Gone are the days where I would have to research for several hours and tinker for several more just to get something running on the computer. I have moved away from linux, and am now running all Apple. It is nice to have everything interconnected that way I can pass work from device to device wherever I go. It also helps to bring all the programs that I was using into alignment. Another pleasant side effect, the new computer eats far less electricity than the old one.

That is all for today. Tomorrow will probably be spent getting the new pellet stove installed. Stay tuned.

Until next time…


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