A big part of homesteading that has been largely not adhered to by me is maintaining your own equipment. This can be anything from a shovel to the tractor to the truck to the camper. Today I am attempting to change out the brakes on the truck.

This is starting to become part of the plan, it will save cost and also build up some skills. Right out of the box though the wheel is glued onto the hub does not want to come off at all.

The wheel finally came off and the caliper was a breeze. The caliper mount is another story. 

Two bolts stand between me and success. I’ve sprayed the crap out of them. I’m currently forcing myself to be patient so I do not strip the heads. It’s harder than it seems when the clock keeps ticking. After looking at the rotor once more I’ve decided to deem it serviceable and only do the pads. 

Off to a fantastic start the calipers slid back in so nicely, I buttoned the drivers side back up… 

rinse and repeat on the passenger side, one would think. Got the tire off, I got the caliper off, I got the caliper mount cleaned up, but the brake pads wouldn’t fit in. After closer inspection I realized I had put both of the outside pads on the driver side. So I button that up and under the driver side again to correct the pad situation. 

It’s all back together now and the brakes work fantastically, what other project the present itself while I was in there. A ground wire for something broke off when I open the hood.

I like to think it was nothing important, but I have seen this truck die completely due to having one wire break. So I wasn’t taking any chances and I fix that too.

The lesson to take away from this project, it’s to go slow take your time and pay attention to every little detail.

Until next time…


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