Good morning awesome readers! I want to thank you personally for sticking with us during this very slow time of year. I wanted to give you a quick update from the homestead. The additional pellet stove is working out great! We have not used a drop of oil so far this year. I did however Mia calculate our pellet needs though. Today we brought in an additional ton, with another on the way tomorrow. As long as we don’t go back to the sub arctic temperatures we have had the last few weeks, we should be set until spring.

The greenhouse is still standing through all the snow. Even though it is a barren dead place this time of year, that brings no joy. For a $100 dollar investment the thing is a tank.

I’m hopeful in the next six weeks or so to fire the greenhouse back up. The days are getting longer and moods are improving.

The other shining point is that the snowblower decided it wanted to do its best this year. This is great it has allowed the winter work load to lighten. Even though it would fail a safety check in glorious fashion, it is working.

Look for updates at a more steady pace as things thaw a little bit around here.

Until next time…


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