Yesterday we got the chance to get out to the greenhouse and it was awesome. There was a 30 degree difference between in and out. With the help of my youngest daughter we got about 175 plants started. She also helped me get a list together for seed that we need. I have the feeling that this is going to be a great year.

Today’s plan is to continue where I left off cleaning out the garden and getting ready. Yesterday the youngster and I got quite a few beds raked off and ready to be hoed. The new pea bed was also hoed up and the climbing poles were set up.

The tractor path has taken the role of a catch point for everything raked out of the garden.

I had the tractor up and running for a couple minutes, but it needs work. So I had to settle for the manual version and supply my own tractor noises.

With just the leaves scraped off the garden I’ve filled our second compost bin to the top, and there is still some to take out. This is ok because last years batch is ready to be pulled anyway.

That will do for today though.

Until next time…



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