Continuing on the clean up I’ve made it to the road side. I am convinced people are mistaken that their car windows are trash receptacles.

What a mess. In the greenhouse some oregano and thyme have gotten their start. I haven’t given up hope for the comfrey from last season, but at the moment it looks bleak.

Now it’s onto mending some clothes to get a few more miles out of them. My good jeans have popped a seam.

I see absolutely no reason to trash them and buy new, like the vast majority of the world would do. 99% of the garment is still in good shape. I have no denim scrap, but I do have old teeshirts that can no longer be worn. A small piece should suffice to plug the hole.

I’ve doubled over the material to make it a bit tougher. It should do ok.

Crude, but without having the hours needed to learn a sewing machine I’d say not too bad.

That’s all for now. Time is short and there are still holes to patch.

Until next time…


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