Yesterday I got an amazing gift. An entire truck load of perennial flowers!

Now he trick becomes finding homes for them on the homestead here, and doing it in such a way that they can be eventually split to become product in the nursery.

This is no problem for someone with loads of acres, but on .2 acres, we need to get creative.

Now hat they are all out of the truck, and is a place where they won’t dry out. I think I’ll wait for my perennial flower guru to come over and guide me.

Since there is little to no way I am going to remember what these are it’s time to look at making some markers.

Last summer when the chicken coop was under construction I grabbed these thinking I would trim the coop with them. They proved to be too small and odd sized. They will make perfect plant markers though.

It’s also time to start lookin at splitting up some of the perennial flowers I already have.

These day Lillys are a perfect candidate.

I’ve run out of time for today tough.

Until next time…


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