Today I’m in the greenhouse where things are really taking off.

It’s amazing how fast these monsters get going in here. It won’t be long before it’s transplant time.

I’m beginning to lose hope that the massive amount of comfrey I have here will be back. I’m still waiting and watching though because it’s counterparts out in the garden are still not up yet either. It’s the same story with the grapes.

I’m looking forward to some more three foot tall cosmos this year. Those brought in the bees like a magnet.

So far they are off to a good start. What you are looking at is about three days of grow time.

Oregano and thyme have started sitting up as well.

I’m also thinking heavily about reconfiguring the greenhouse to make better use of the space I have. Right now it is set up like a large U.

When I change it it will still have the U pattern but the work bench will be on the end wall to make more room for shelves.

I am more concerned with the currants that looked so good last year. Their mother plant has taken off already.

I’m also getting buds on the hazelnut tree.

Onward now to dealing with the compost. I’m going to screen it this year before I use it. My thought behind this is to make it more useable across the property since it will lack the larger pieces.

Nearly black and smells amazing. The other added benefit it that by screening I can weed out some of the non compostable items that inevitably sneak in when you live near a road. Some individuals seem to believe that their car windows are a magical portal to the trash.

We have a very distinct reduction in volume

The yield is a little lower this way. But it is indeed more useable.

Turns out while I worked I had a supervisor literally watching over my shoulder.

Not to sound preachy or anything. But here is a perfect example of why I choose burlap over landscape fabric, almost every time. This piece was in the compost for over a year and largely still whole.

My best guess is it came from the greenhouse. I chose landscape fabric for the greenhouse because of this fact. Also because it will be contained to a very small area. There are loads of people that use this stuff everywhere.

Until next time…


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