Today we are going to be adding to our list of species. This time around in the form of perennial flowers. These are a welcome addition as they keep to our philosophy that everything growing should have a use. While we cannot eat them they will attract pollinators for us, and in time provide a boost to the homestead income when they are ready to be split.

As I get older though. I find it a little harder to remember a ton of minutiae details, so labeling these will be key. Do you remember that scrap wood I lamented keeping? I do. Now it has a use.

I’m going to turn these into row markers, and plant markers. This will have two effects. It will allow me to quickly identify the various species that we have, and it will allow customers coming to the greenhouse to see the abundance that can be placed into a tiny area. The later being more important. If I can spark one person to stop and notice, and then take that off and do the same for themselves. Well then I will have won.

Last fall at the radio show I met a nice older couple that were playing their wares. One of the items they had was a set of small carving chisels.

Disregard the message for help there, I am fine. My children like to leave notes for me, and are not held back by petty details such as “is there paper under my pen?” I got this bundle for five dollars. They should prove very useful in creating lasting row markers. On a side note, this will transition into a source of homestead income as well.

This is going to take some work, and I realized almost instantly why they were five dollars. I need a sharpening stone. Bad.

It is however, a start so off we go down the rabbit hole. First step dig a hole, then a healthy dose of our own compost.

A little extra good soil because this section of yard is pretty sandy. A quick pat in and a marker. It looks good.

Once that is set it’s over to the greenhouse. While planting I had a chunk volunteer to come loose. I’ve turned that into twelve new plants.

Unfortunately I’m once again out of time today. Thanks for coming along on the chores.

Until next time…


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