Today I’m sinking the rest of the perennials into their new homes. The tractor path is lined with them it is going to look really good.

Here you can see the path on the right. Each of the flowers will have its own marker to identify it. I’m going to wait for a rainy day to carve those though.

I also got a good sized chunk of bee balm which I put dead (ish) center of the garden.

I used the bed that had the tomato last year. I also added a healthy dose of peat moss and compost since the soil was very sandy there.

Next we get hot and heavy onto planting.

There are two of these beds. One is going to be carrots and he other beets.

Success!! The carrots are in. If you look closely you can see a couple that were missed last year. Whoops.

I’ve also repurposed the old greeting rug from the camper to kill growth on the berm ahead of planting. Oddly enough it is the perfect size.

I’ll just keep sliding that down the berm every week or so and plant something behind it.

I’ve had to turn on the hose because he rains are about a week out, and that simply will not do. We are out of rain water.

So far today we have gotten carrots, beets, and some beans in. There is still a half of a day left!

Well. We went out visiting with the back half of the day, and came home with some petunias, spider plants, and this beauty.

It doesn’t look like much now but this is a cutting from grapes that have barn on my fathers land since I was a child. They are from the same plant as the ones in the greenhouse, but this one is bigger. The sun is setting, and I am happy with where we are.

Until next time…


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