So it was slow at the 9 to 5 today so I have turned it into a half day to make up for the morning of slack. I’m using the time to clean up some odd tasks that have been eating me up. First on the list is to screen the rest of the compost. There are a bunch of pictures of that so I will not inundate you with those. I did however find a creative use for the larger pieces of organic matter that do not pass the screen.

The soil that the perennials have been going in is pretty sandy. So I’ve used the organic leftovers to act as a cover mulch. This will hold that sandy soil in place a lot better.

And another one farther along. Ever have one of those aha moments by accident that turns out really great?

I made it about half way. If I had started sooner I could have finished it. Oh well. Out of light for now

Until next time…


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