Today I’m chopping in beds that were opened last year. There’s some really good looking dirt in these things. Remember the triangle bed from last year? It’s a trapezoid now. The perennial flowers I put on the end survived their first winter!

And no it’s not the dandelions.

The next step is to let that dry a bit over the next few days and remove The clods.

Next up is the long “buffet” line below the berm.

From the above tithe below in only about a gallon of sweat.

In a couple days I’ll loop back and pick out the clods for the compost pile and away we go.

I only have two beds left to open and we are officially underway. Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me.

The weather looks promising tomorrow so likely I’ll open them then. But now I’ve noticed grass in places it should not be, and we all know I cannot abide that. So it’s off to do some scythe work.

It’s starting to look like a garden now instead of unkempt wild.

I also got the heugel bed opened up. I think the sunflowers that were there last year took their toll on he soil. It looks pretty light and sandy, yet still good enough to plant in.

There is still a ton to do, but how do you eat an elephant??

Until next time…


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