Hey guys! We had a bit of a rainy weekend so far, and it has lead to a good deal of procrastination. This is a horrible character flaw when things need doing. Today I’m beating those tendencies back.

First stop is the greenhouse. It’s a nice 75 in here perfect temperature. I’ll be transplanting squash, and laying in some more starts.

We pulled eight blue Hubbard for sale, and the rest will go in the garden tomorrow.

Before we can do that we need a home for them so it is off to the garden.

The first greens in the compost pile look great.

Those long strands are what this years mulch is made from.

The plan is simple. Advance the rug of death to the next section and till that. Then declump the future home of Blue Hubbard, and Golden Hubbard. We like our squash. That’s for sure.

The weather this year is baffling me. Here we are screaming toward June and nights are still in the 40’s. It almost feels as though the seasons are slowly shifting.

We have the first casualty of the sgardening season, the hand scythe has taken out my thumb.

It makes you realize how much you use your thumbs for your phone. I am having to resort to voice dictation.

The work, must go on though. So I decided to begin today with cutting down some weeds. No matter how much I try the grass keeps coming up.

I’ve also found some rogue strawberries I have jumped out of the bed. I’m going to dig them up and place them in the greenhouse for the year these will replace the ones that I lost in the winter.

With the rug of death move forward onto what’s next section it left a beautiful open space on the berm to plant in.

Next up is the bed below the berm where the blue Hubbard and gold Hubbard squash will be going.

Before that happens, I give you frankenhoe.

I am tired of my back hurting, and I see no need to run and buy another action hoe with a long handle. Nor do I want to destroy my little action hoe by adding a long handle. So spur of the moment I’ve made this. Instantly life gets better.

And the plant line grows.

Until next time…


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