Good morning my wonderful readers! It’s looking like rain a little later today but it’s beautiful for now so I’m going to find some homes for the rest of the perennials. There are only six left, but space. Always space.

Before that though I’m going to plant the area left by the rug of death. Yellow beans this time.

Also because I’ve merged a few beds I can lay down some corn this year.

I transplanted the remainder of the cucumbers and the tomatoes that I intend to sell this morning. They are looking great. The rest are hardening off now. They should be in new homes in the next couple days.

The comfrey has arrived for the year.

It was suggested on our Facebook page that we need a bigger rug. Sadly rugs are not in the budget. So I give you the rug of deaths brother from out of town; the tarp of doom!!

Also I’ve discovered that the rumors of our peppermints death were greatly exaggerated.

The strawberries are coming along nicely as well.

So on the road to planting these perennials, the greenhouse now has power.

Well. I’ve done it. I’ve run myself out of time and did not accomplish the one goal I set out. I guess we can call this one a free master course on getting abysmally sidetracked.

Until next time…


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