Good morning! What a great Thursday it is going to be! I got the materials I need for great garden paths. Today I will be laying out as much as I can.

You guessed it. Burlap. I love this material because it blocks weeds, breaks down mostly over the course of a couple years, and really looks sharp when new.

Today’s objective is to lay down and improve on the paths in the garden. I’m a hopeless sucker for garden paths, I firmly believe if you don’t have paths your doing it wrong.

We’re starting off at the entry and working back. The first task is to re set the flagstone stair in the entryway.

The objective is to reset the stair with burlap underneath, and provide a more surefooted way into the garden. Last year the Stone was simply placed in a kind of level spot. It didn’t make for a very stable step. This year that spot gets leveled out.

While I do lose some of the allure of a grown in flagstone step, this will ultimately be more safe.

From there we largely follow the existing paths improving as we go. As long as you are careful and pay attention to detail. You will be rewarded with great looking paths.

This is a pretty un-level spot. A little work with the hoe should have it sorted out.

This is the unfortunate side effect of the grass that so many people worship. It takes forever to eradicate. I know personally I won’t go back to that daydream state. EVER.

This is so much better. As it starts to take shape I decided to merge some more beds. I like the way this feels and looks much better.

Like so many other projects this will have to do for today, I’ve run out of time once more.

Until next time…


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