I just wish it would have the common courtesy to cut itself, and get Into the compost on its own. It is a great source of nitrogen though, so I suppose I can tolerate it in small portions. What I’m dealing with today however is solid madness. Last week I attempted to mow the grass when it was a reasonable height. I found the rock that I lost last fall and had to wait a week to replace the mower blade.

The lawn, being the evil entity that it is used this time to establish a solid foothold and assert domination over the entire backyard. I need to apologize in advance for any typos that maybe in this post. I have cut my thumb and needs a Band-Aid, and as it turns out the only obstacle smart phone designers could not overcome was making a screen work with a Band-Aid. Is’nt science grand.

In addition to all this lawn mowing I’m also getting ready to put in the stairs that will take the place of the long path tnto the lower back yard.

So I added to my tool collection today..

The price was too good to pass up. Now I must have the debate of whether to put the chicken house on it? Or use it as a flat bed.

Until next time…


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