It’s Saturday, on a long weekend. It’s also Memorial Day weekend. Today we are in the garden continuing on the updated paths. I have my littlest with me so… according to the little kid union rules. Frequent swing set breaks are mandatory. But hey, it’s the weekend. We are supposed to be slowing down a bit aren’t we?

The intersections can be a bit of a challenge. But eventually they come together.

After a break for karate class it’s back to it. Guess what’s back in action now.

It’s time to get some real work done. Woo hoo! That was my back cheering. As long as it stays running this is going to be a really great summer.

rain showers have been coming and going all day. I’ve been waiting them out as they come, and working through the little ones.

The cucumbers are in. And with that it’s back to the paths. One by one the tasks get knocked off the list.

We have run out of burlap for the time being. Here are the results.

The patch in the back is my personal sanctuary. The place where I go to have my coffee on summer mornings. The place where nobody is allowed to talk to me until my cup runs dry.

That’s it for Saturday. Time to find supper.

Until next time…


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