It seems we have dipped back into fall here, with low 50’s and cloudy. It’s been a challenge to get the wheels rolling.

I guess I’ll start with my busted tractor jack. Somewhere along the bumpy roads here the pin fell out, and it’s pretty much useless without it. For the life of me I still can’t understand how designs with one part failure points can be considered viable. Either way it’s all set now, thanks to a new cotter pin

Onward to the next project. I picked up some seed potatoes so I think I’ll get those in.

On the road to potatoes I’ve found another project that needs attention

Long before I bought this house, the town somehow sweet talked the owner to let them run the water line through,now I’m stuck with two of these ugly things on my land. I’m going to make a covering for it so I do not knock it at some point and break it. That and I don’t really want the goons ripping up my garden if they need to work on it.

So with that, it’s off to run errands before we get too far into the day.

And with that the greenhouse is restocked.

Remember those potatoes I’ve been after all day?

They are happily on their way now. It was so nice to have the tractor to get the greenhouse supplies in. It is now fully stocked and ready to grow.

Next up I have some sad faced tomatoes longing for freedom, or a bigger pot. These tomatoes drowned last year where I put them. This year they are going on the back deck where there is way more sun, and it is considerably drier.

We’re also going this.

It’s that time of year again! Let the good food flow. Mrs. LilRed says it’s steak, and potato salad. I can almost taste it already.

Well fed now and back to work. There are still a couple hours of daylight to go, and lots to do. The tomatoes are in! As they grow I can thumb tack them to the wall, or cage them.

With the rest of the day it’s off to the greenhouse for transplanting and re planting.

The cosmos are getting transplanted and then it’s re planting a raft of other veggies and herbs. I’m out of places now to shelf plants, and running out of walking room. It’s amazing.

I’ve run out of light for the day, I can relax now.

Until next time…


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