Today is Memorial Day, it is first a day where we remember our nations fallen. We remember the ones who did not come home. We at lilredhomestead thank you for your service, and strive to honor your sacrifice.

Because it is a special day we are starting out with a parade.

From there it was off to the feed store, and I’m happy to report. The chicks are on order! They will be here the third week of June. Then back home where the youngest helped me set up our garden stand.

The next stop is the garden to reclaim the back half.

This will free the kiwi and raspberries from the grip of weeds. I’ve also decided it’s time to say goodby to the homemade compost tumbler. While it does work it cannot provide the volume that I need for the homestead. The two bin method just works better. Next it’s off to open another bed. This one will have lettuce, peppers, and herbs.

One of my favorite things is that these beds do not have conventional shapes. It takes a lot of the boredom out of the process. It looks great when it’s all cleaned up.

Next we have oregano, thyme, cosmos, and cayenne peppers to plant. Also there is lettuce.

Next it’s off to the greenhouse to start some more plants! Complete success. 12 sunflowers down, as well as 25 spaghetti squash, 25 eggplant, and 50 bell peppers. I’ve got more going in tomorrow as well.

Our roadside farm stand made its first sale today, the kids were over the moon. Time to settle in as the light fades. Maybe sit back with a cup of coffee and admire our creation.

None of which would be possible without those brave souls that gave all.

Until next time…


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