In that bunch of great perennial flowers i received were two hostas. They are among the last to have a home. This is because I’m doing something special.

This spot that has been unused for a while is perfect. My plan is to put a nice bed there. But first I need to find a tape measure.

Next it’s getting the corners in and making them all level. Rule one with building is make sure you have enough materials. I seem to break this rule every time I build something. This being the case, I am now at a hard stop. I did not line up the tasks before the day started so the veggie stand is up, and I’m not comfortable leaving it alone. Time to pick another task I suppose.

Luckily there is no shortage of tasks to go around. I’ve made it to moving the rug of death, and tarp of doom again. The results are nice.

Golden yellow and pretty much dead. Time to hit them with the action hoe.

I’m out of time once more so I’ll leave you with this picture of the visitor I had this morning.

Until next time…


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