Glove boxes on tractors, and big piles of poo

Good morning to my awesome readers!

This morning after the chores are done, I’ve decided to do a project that I have been procrastinating on for quite some time. As most of you know, my tractor is… well, let’s call it custom. As such, it is equipped with the high security key option.

I’ll spare you the silly puns about it being chipped.

Because that’s just the paint. Anyway, being that the “key” doesn’t stay in the ignition it often times finds itself lost along the path prompting an immediate search and rescue mission to recover it. Needless to say, it’s hard to turn the thing off without it. So today I’ve installed a luxurious glove box. Aside from keeping the key with the tractor, this should up the resale to about $3.50.

Firstly the location was selected with great… let’s call it precision. The goal was to not drill a hole in the battery, which I’m happy to report, I missed.

Next, a couple bolts feed through with Nita to secure it.

And violas a spiffy glove box, to hold all my junk.

Now the trick will be to break the habit of putting the key in my pocket, or setting it on the dash. With that out of the way work can commence.

First thing is to wrap up the garden paths. With the new pile of burlap that I got yesterday I should have enough. I’m happy to report I’m about 90% done, and I still have a ton left.

Around now you may be wondering what about the poo? Well, my dad found a cow farm and asked if I would like a bunch of manure. Of course I said yes, but I’ve run out of time today to work with it.

Why the far away zoomed in picture? Well my neighbors are out front, and I don’t want to appear as some sort of weirdo that takes pictures of piles of poo.

Until next time…

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