What can be said about today, except that motivation is fleeting. I’ve been expecting rain most of the day, only to watch it get pushed back time and again.

Happy to share with you that I’ve completed the paths, finally. I’ve even included a path to the watering station this year.

Now it will not be such a balancing act to lug water.

With the chicks due in about nineteen days, I need to hammer out the last bits of the chicken coop. Granted, I will have a little time once they get here until they are ready to use the house.

The biggest problem I’m facing is transporting it. I over engineered the coop, and under engineered the legs. It is very doubtful it will move in its current state.

The first step, as many projects go here is getting to it. In the land of infinite sidetracks, I’ve done it again. I found myself in the greenhouse after a while potting grapes and tulips, and talking to sprouting broccoli.

Times up, 18 days and counting.

Until next time…



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