It’s Saturday. Time to boogie

Good morning awesome readers! Today I’m starting out in the greenhouse. A lot has happened here in the last week or so.

You’ll probably notice first that the place is a mess. This happens quite frequently. With a little quick work it’s back to normal.

From there it’s off to the garden to fight back the weeds.

It is a never ending job, which would be horrible except for the free nitrogen. My main goal this year is to severely beat back the grass species that are left. It gets better every year, but this year it is going to be a focus.

Also today is the first day for fish fertilizer. I forgot how bad that stuff stinks. Everything is fed though so I can go along smelling like a happy fish.

After a short break of watching little hands deep in a project it’s time to fill in a sink hole. This is the same hole that swallowed the tractor last year.

A couple wagon loads of dirt and it’s good as new.

Plants are also selling at a good clip now. This will definitely help move some greenhouse projects forward.

Well the short story of the rest of the day is I got called to deliver some plants to family, and ended up visiting for the better part of the afternoon. All in all, a good way to spend time.

Until next time…


  1. Do you have problems with the fish emulsion attracting wildlife? I’ve had to quit using it because raccoons, opossums, etc. come dig the plants up, mash them down, break them off…just general destruction.

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