Time for a new cutting bed.

As it turns out I’m up a little early to be firing up skill saws, so I’ll have to find other ways to entertain myself until a socially acceptable hour for power tools.

I was given two more lilacs with roots so those will go in this morning.

This little guy is in tough shape, but I’m pretty sure it will bounce back. I’ve placed them both so they will not shade any other plants, and so that when they are grown it will screen my tool/clutter area from view.

It’s close enough to time to be awake. Here we go.

Starting out with the bottom is a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood. The tray will measure 2′ by 10″. This is only because that is what I had scrap for without breaking a full sheet.

Next up is the sides. Those will be coming from a 2×6.

Here it is framed up. It is what a carpenter would probably dub,an abomination but it will work for our purpose.

As with any project around here. I’m missing something I need, so it’s off to get some staples.

along the way we have ended up picking up tables to deliver. Which was not bad at all, it gave me the occasion to meet a wonderful 91 year old lady. I absolutely love listening to the stories that older people have.

Anyway, back on topic. The rooting bed is made and lined with plastic. After that it’s a 2:1 mix of pearlite and peat moss

In hind sight I would have made this mix in a wheelbarrow. In the end though it’s all set now and we have six lilac bushes started.

And within no time at all we have lilac, currant, one of the perennial flowers, and strawberries in the new rooting bed.

We also have spaghetti squash starting to poke out

The next stop is to get a cover over the clippings to keep the moisture in. Coat hangers should do the trick. Before we get there though it’s time for some barbecue.

In order to keep the rooting box as close to 100% humidity as I can. I’ve given it a cover similar to a row cover.

It’s not perfect, and the design will change. For now though it works perfectly. With one or two shots of mist a day it should take off nicely.

One key change this time around is that I’ve purchased some actual rooting powder. I should have much better results than with the diluted cider vinegar.

Time will tell though.

Until next time…


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