Backyard stairs.

Today I am going to be starting on the new stairway that leads to the greenhouse. I’ve mentioned these before, they are going to come down this bank.

My primary issue is that I have only four pieces of flagstone left.

Each one is a good size to catch a footfall, but the question is can the bank be traversed in four steps? Let’s see.

So far it looks ok. I will need to take off at least one sharp edge but the spacing and gait look and feel ok.

I’ve also found one more stone. It’s not flagstone but it’s native for sure.

A big piece of granite that had been vexing my lawnmower for years, now has a practical purpose in life.

And with that extra stone the job is complete. It just needs some more worthy plants than grass on the edges.

And with that it’s on to the next project. Time waits for no man.

The triangle bed. It’s been on the list for a while now for de-clumping and today is the day. I’ve made it about half way through and run out of time. It’s looking good though.

Until next time…

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