Good morning my awesome readers! The weather has decided to play nice today, so it’s time to get after a few things that have been on the list since last year.

The first of these is to finish the triangle bed, and get the fertilizer into it. It’s finally all de-clumped, opened up, but the soil, well the soil is whatever construction grade crap the road builders could lay hands on. It will need augmentation.

Thankfully. I have a giant pile of poo.

Cow poo is in, and I’ve given some love to the perennial flowers at the end that really weren’t expected to survive. It looks good!

The other project is to finish the terrace that I started last year. It’s nearly full, and only needs soil on top to use.

Pretty sure my tractor driving license should be revoked. I killed two planters trying to back in the trailer. Oops.

The terrace will need to wait until tomorrow though.

Until next time…


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