Barter and exchange

The second tenet, is a little more straightforward in that it does not require the lens of social perception. The ability to trade and engage in commerce with your fellow man. Moreover it is The ability to do so without third party hijacking of the process. Be that through taxation, restrictions, or outright theft

I would like to use my post today to dive a bit deeper into this aspect of the ideas that I laid out in a previous post. You can find that here.

First a quick update though. Everything is nearly on schedule once again. I’m looking forward to a busy weekend to advance the homestead. Today I locked in the chickens. Bringing home the shavings and chick starter has made it feel a bit more real.

The first bit to dive into is does every family need to have a full on farm? My initial thought screams yes, but when I slow that down a little I realize that not everyone is a full on green to the bone farmer. Some people even claim to have a black thumb. Every family should however be able to grow something.

So what of the families that can’t exist on farming alone? There are as many options as the day is long. When I strip away the mechanics of the idea, and stand looking at its core I can see at the very base level it’s about removing that third party from the process. It’s about revoking the socially accepted premise that taking a cut of someone else’s hard work is an ok thing to do, when the taker has done nothing to add value to the transaction.

After having these thoughts I’m left with the daunting thought project of how people would remove these thieves from their pockets.

The first thing that springs to my mind, is a reduction in the use of fiat currencies, and electric transactions. People would need to be willing to move into tangible items for trade. An alternate method of reserve capital would not hurt either. After all there are only so many beans the mechanic can eat right? I would propose that the alternate reserve be itself a tangible item. Some item that is common enough to be immune from tracking attempts, yet uncommon enough to not be readily forged.

More thought is needed, I really do welcome your feedback and thoughts.

Until next time…


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