A relaxing work Sunday

The sun is starting to peek out here. It is my favorite time of day. Sunday’s people don’t rush, everything feels more peaceful, and quiet.

The temps here last night went to just above The thirties. This has been an odd summer for sure so far.

In the greenhouse I have spaghetti squash ready for bigger pots, with a large portion of them already sold.

Got 24/25 on the spaghetti squash. That’s a darn good sprout rate.

Next up it’s time to re fill the plant cart and open up for the day.

From there it’s off to weeding carrots. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they would just out grow the weeds around them. Couple with that, the fact that they look like a weed when small, makes for slow work. The beets are on track for a good year. They are going gang busters.

With the carrots and beets weeded it’s off to finish the terrace. I must warn you, this post contains a load of shit.

In order to build the volume without having to bring in dirt, so far the terrace has been filled with some sand, random dirt, and clods from opening up beds. This has brought me close enough to top it with manure, and cap it with good soil.

One things for sure. I missed my calling in politics. Look at how well this B.S is spread!

The next step is to bring down the path to the water barrel fill spot so it is level with where the new ground will be.

Next up is a layer of good soil to cap everything in, and then a heavy dose of buckwheat to hold and enhance the soil. Not to mention, draw bees like crazy.

Here you have it folks. The first terrace is complete. It is one of two that will step down to a stock tank pond at the bottom.

Here’s another angle.

The next project is another one that has been on the list for a while, and today seemed like the perfect day to make it happen. The high side of the swale was a drop off for a long time. This made mowing, and walking a bit of a challenge. So today I have begun tapering off the high side to a slope instead of a drop.

You can see in the foreground the way it has been, and in the background the new sloped bank.

The removed soil is going to for. The second terrace for us. This is going to be the utility terrace that will house our IBC containers when we get them, as well as all the tools. And maybe a work bench or canning area. The layout is still up in the air.

For now though, it’s off to deliver plants, and pick up dinner.

Until next time…

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