Today it looks like rain.

At last it looks like we will get a little rain here. Everything is dusty and gross. I’m pretty sure the plants are sick of tap water, and did I mention the dust?

I’m going to try to squeeze some stuff in before the rain starts though. First up is to put some manure on the raspberry patch. I’m seeing flowers but it’s a bit lack luster.

An even coat all around should liven things up. Next up, the spaghetti squash needs to go in. That has gone in the triangle bed this year.

The last two days have been awash with school events, and things that are really now worth writing about. It’s nice to get back to actual work that moves things forward.

Next up is bigger steps for the back yard stairway. I really am blessed with good friends. One happened to have just what I needed.

These should make some nice wide footfalls. That is however where I run out of time again.

Until next time…

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