A dull grey day.

Today is just non motivating. But I have managed to drag myself to the greenhouse. There were a couple plants that needed a bigger home.

First the “shop tomato”. This guy was one of the runts if the tray. It looks like he’s coming into his own in the greenhouse.

The other is one of three spider plants that I got this year. It will be added to my mother stock for the nursery by next year. The other two will follow as soon as I get some more pots.

And look who decided to join the party. Really late, but we are glad they are here. That’s right sweet peppers. I’m pretty sure most of these will be grown in the greenhouse this year, along with the broccoli.

We also have grape leaves on display here too. The grapes have been a bit of a mystery this year, I’m not sure if they are dead? Or just in an off year. Out of curiosity I decided to un pot one to see what was going on down below. What I found was a good looking root system, and poor soil. That being the case I’ve downsized it’s pot, and put in much better soil, I’m hopeful that it will take off. I did he same with one of my two currant bushes that are on their second year.

A quick check on the rooting bed has shown that mint roots in about a week and a half. Simply amazing.

This is another grape that I re potted, and downsized. They have a good looking root system, they just aren’t doing much this year.

We’re now six days away from having six chickens on the homestead, and I don’t feel like I’m close to ready. I am ready for their arrival, but I will need to step it up to be ready when they feather out.

We are heading into the final weekend on our veggie starts as well. Whatever doesn’t sell will get a home in our gardens here. This has been the best year so far. I think we are on to something now.

Until next time…

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