Last Saturday for veggies.

Today is the last weekend that I will offer veggie starts from our cart. The ones I have are begging to get out, and I would hate to see them get stunted. So after Sunday, the plants that are left will get a home in our gardens/greenhouse.

A little minor maintenance in the garden today. I’m having to pay extra attention to the beets, the weeds have figured out that if they grow where the beets are they don’t meet the action hoe. Crafty lil buggers.

Next up I’m turning to the back yard stairs and getting those upgraded. After some re digging and leveling I have come up with this.

I think they came out nice. Much easier to walk on. That is for sure. Once the grass comes back they will fit right into the yard.

After that it’s time to mow, and other small assorted tasks.

Until next time…

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