Father’s Day wishes and hammock dreams.

Good morning my awesome readers, and to all the fathers out there; happy Father’s Day.

First item on the agenda, breakfast with family. So it’s off to wait in line at the local breakfast place.

After filling to the top, it’s off to deliver some soil and plants. My formidable soil pile is looking rather exhausted. Time to re order.

Plants and dirt delivered there is now a very happy new gardener in the world.

From there after a visit it was off to home. It is time to plant all the left overs in the already bursting garden. The beds are now filled to the brim, and to put anything else in I will need to open more beds.

With the flat bed trailer empty now, I can move the chicken coop around. Stay tuned for that batch of shenanigans.

My light has failed. I will surely get some updates to the garden tomorrow.

Until next time…

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